This is how Dior benefits from the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

This is how Dior benefits from the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has become one of the most mediatic and continues to benefit locals and strangers, among them, to brands like Dior.

In addition to this, it has become one of the most mediatic in history due to the large amount of background between this couple and, above all, due to the time that both actors were going through in their careers.

Amber just stood out with her participation as Mera in Aquaman, while Johnny had another hit with Fantastic Beasts.

It should be noted that both papers, according to what is indicated, already have new owners, being that of Grindelwald the first change that we could already see on the screen, being interpreted by Mads Mikkelsenwhile rumors indicate that Paris Hilton would replace Amber Heard in the Aquaman sequel.

However, this trial has meant a great moment for brands like Dior, who were severely affected by keeping the image of Johnny Depp in their brand. Now, the consequences seem to be favorable.

Why is Dior benefiting from the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

The trial between the couple of actors that began on April 11 of this year has become a media event rather than a personal one. Also, opinions on social networks for just over a month have been read, because naturally, both actors have a fairly large group of followers.

In this trial, however, the presence of the brands involved gradually begins to stand out, who stand out as the favorites and clear winners of what ideally should be something intimate.

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Christian Dior is one of the winners, since his protagonism in the case due to his still stable relationship with Johnny Depp, regardless of the accusations of domestic violence of which he was pointed out by Amber Heard.

However, after what was considered by the actor as a public defamation by The Washington Post, The actor continues to seek compensation equivalent to 50 million dollars for the job opportunities lost during the process and for having damaged his image.

The brand, however, did not abandon Johnny Depp and has extended its support to him since he began to work with him since 2017.

The relationship with the brand has been so good that a few months ago Dior launched a new campaign for your sauvage fragrance. In it, the actor was once again the protagonist of the line, even when it was already known that there would be an audience half a year later.

Thanks to this event and the boost from social networks and the media, the fragrance has managed to increase its sales. According to figures shared by the firm itself, Sauvage has been Dior’s best-selling fragrance during 2021. According to this, a bottle of Sauvage was sold every three seconds.

As if that were not enough, media such as the newspaper The US Sun have shared that this trial has helped the brand to sell much better

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