Although the Steam deck was originally intended to debut this year, Valve decided to postpone it until February 2022 due to a shortage of chips and microcomponents. Of course, that does not mean that we will not have news in these months, and Capcom now he has come out to show us how it runs Devil may cry 5 on this platform.

Via his official channel Youtube, the Japanese publisher published a short video of one minute where we can see how this title performs in the Steam Deck.

As you can see, DmC 5 runs well enough in the Steam deckAnd while it’s not the most graphically demanding title out there, it’s a game that hit the market just a few years ago. Hopefully the vast majority of games can run that well.

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Editor’s note: Of course, the RE Engine is one of the most flexible graphics engines in the industry, so it’s no surprise that it runs so well on pretty much any console you put it on. Another clear example of this is Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch.

Via: Capcom

This is how Devil May Cry 5 runs on the Steam Deck

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