This is how cute Jimin looked as a baby! Well… all the BTS guys!

This is how cute Jimin looked as a baby!  Well… all the BTS guys!

Our beloved Jimin, from BTS, drove the fandom crazy when he changed his profile picture on Twitter to one where he appears… as a baby! He is the cutest thing in the world that you will see today, you will fall more in love than you already are! 🤭

It is a photo where he is in a walker, dressed all in white and with a hat of the same color. He looks so cute! 😍

Photo: Instagram

But, Jimin isn’t the only one who looks super cute as a baby, every member of BTS does! So here we present some photos of when they were cute children.

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Here we have V in a towel and with a nice headband, like the ones we use during our skincare routines. 👶🚿


Who do you think this cute little boy with his hands in the bag is? It’s J-Hope! wow! He looks like a man in small 🤗


Suga had all the flow since he was born, just check the photo:


This is one of the cutest, it melts your heart! It’s Jin with his hair standing up 😍

Baby Jin

Rm loved rollerblading and there are several photos to prove it, like this one:


And look at Jungkook eating a banderilla 🍽


Finally we leave you with the cutest image in the world, the before and after… with the same clothes!

BTS Babies
Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter: @onlyarmytrickk