Companies must be at the forefront and opt for new strategies that allow them to stay in the mind of the consumer and attract new customers. East webinar It shows you how successful companies can innovate.

The passing of the years and the arrival of the pandemic to the world reminded us of the importance of integrating our businesses within the world of digital marketing. It is thanks to this that our advertising campaigns and products can reach a more segmented audience and that it could attract more attention compared to other more traditional advertising media. In accordance with We Are Social and Hootsuite in 2019, there are 4,388 online millions of users looking for information to solve their problems and concerns.

Be present in the digital world It is vitally important to prevail in these times where thousands of companies, projects and brands are showing their products and services, in addition to fighting to see who gets the final consumer. Belonging to the digital world shows endless opportunities as the world’s population is in it for most of their day. Statista shows that the average time users spend on the Internet is 6 hours and 54 minutes, so we must choose the necessary strategies to integrate ourselves into this world in which new prospects they spend almost a third of their day.

Webinar: How Successful Companies Innovate

The team of Merca 2.0 brings you this webinar is taught by Angélica Frías, Commercial Director of SalesUp! CRM, its main objective is that you know and implement actions of Digital marketing to be able to ppotentialize your marketing in 2021, besides showing you how successful companies innovate.

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East webinar It will show you Social Media statistics published in 2021 in Mexico and Latin America and aims to show you a new perspective of collaboration between the Marketing and Sales areas, in addition to the specific ways and actions in which you can increase your conversion in the digital field.

Within it we can also find some of the problems between the different departments that are constantly working together, in order to avoid new problems and in the same way eradicate these types of problems to increase our sales.