This is how beautiful the town with the shortest name in Spain is

This is how beautiful the town with the shortest name in Spain is

It sounds like an expression from the south, but no, it is the name of a municipality in Spain: Hey. A town on the northeast coast of the province of Vizcaya (Basque Country), whose name is very curious because it is the municipality in Spain with the shortest name and without consonants.

An ideal getaway where you can enjoy an idyllic landscape and a lot of tranquility. Its historic center and its stone bridges make you fall in love.

Ea people

We love to recommend the most charming towns in each province of Spain for rural getaways and we bring you a charming proposal. Ea is a small and cozy municipality, located in the Busturialdea region, on the northwestern coast of Bizkaia, one hour from Bilbao where you can enjoy a multitude of plans.

Ea has it all: maritime, rural, coastal and mountainous landscape. Its houses and alleys crowd around the riverbed, since the estuary becomes the center of the town, which is divided by its bed into two parts and is connected by small medieval bridges.

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Known in Basque as ie, you can enjoy Ea Beach, its estuary, its hiking trails and beautiful views. A walk through its small historic center until reaching the sea, walking along the Paseo de la Tala and enjoying the port are some of the recommended plans in this charming town. A perfect destination to enjoy a few days of relaxation.

Natxitua, Bedarona and Ea itself are the three towns that make up the municipality, all of them, each with their own characteristics, make up the splendid landscape that surrounds Ea.

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