This is how beautiful the themed food is that you will find at Disneyland Paris

This is how beautiful the themed food is that you will find at Disneyland Paris

enjoy a trip to Disney Land Paris it is pure magic. Its fun attractions, its wonderful shows, the wide variety of restaurants and the details of the park in each of its corners, make it an idyllic destination. It does not matter if you go with friends or family, it is a wonderful place with many surprises.

This year the park celebrates its 30th anniversary, and not only has it inaugurated a new hotel, it also has many new features to celebrate it. Among them, ideal details in their dishes.

Meals Disneyland Paris Sm

The park has a wide variety of restaurants, and each one always has food inspired by Disney characters or in its own way. As you can imagine, Mickey Mouse is the protagonist of many of them and especially in sweets.

sweet mickey

To celebrate the 30th birthday of Disneyland Paris, visitors can taste the new snacks of the anniversary in its 59 restaurants, 10 bars and a large number of cafeterias within the resort, whether they are table service, buffet or fast food where you can find different types of food.

In many restaurants you will find themed food. For example, in the restaurant Agrabah Cafe (Aladdin) its buffet It is Arabic cuisine.

Nine novelties that we can find at Disneyland Paris on its 30th anniversary with which to live an even more magical experience

30th anniversary meal

Disneyland Paris 30

This season, among the novelties are pizzas and sandwiches, and many sweets: ice cream, macarons, cupcakes and waffles shaped like Mickey. Also noteworthy are the “Pineapple Whip” granita, Mickey’s ice cream or the “Turkey Leg” (roast turkey thigh).

30 Disneyland Paris Anniversary Desserts
mickey's pizza

at the pizzeria Bella Note, you can find some of the Italian specialties of this pizzeria inspired by the Disney classic The Lady and the Tramp. You can find this slice of pizza so ideal with the face of Mickey Mouse.

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Downtown Restaurant Desserts Disneyland Paris Dining Plans

Downtown Restaurant Desserts

If you are a fan of The Avengers, At Downtown Restaurant you will find the top, richest desserts and on top of that with details of initials and stars of our favorite super heroes.

Bistrotchezremy 17

You can not stop enjoying a meal at Bistrot Chez Rémy, the French cuisine restaurant of this Parisian bistro inspired by Ratatouille, an ideal Disney • Pixar classic. You will find personalized desserts this ideal.

mickey bar

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