This is how actor Chris Pratt is preparing to voice Mario in the new movie

This is how actor Chris Pratt is preparing to voice Mario in the new movie


The actor Chris Pratt Is living one of the best moments of his careerbecause he has not only become a favorite for his role as Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy and the recent release of Jurassic World: Dominion where he is one of the protagonists. In addition to this, he has been chosen to give voice to the famous plumber of NintendoMario, in the film of this character.

From the moment it was announced that Chris Pratt I would put the official voice to Mario, there has been some confusion about itwell, fans of the plumber from Nintendo they don’t know if he will get the famous Italian accent of the character from the games. However, the actor has spoken about it, letting us know more details about it.

What is known about the next Mario Bros.

Mario Bros will have an animated movie

The next film based on the mythical saga of NintendoSuper Mario Bros., is run by the studio illumination, responsible for other films What Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets and Sing. Therefore, this is a studio that has produced many successful franchises.

Regarding the direction, it will be in charge by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenicwho previously directed the film Teen Titans Go! This are good newsbecause we can be sure that it is a film that will be made by many experts.

On the other hand, the news that Chris Pratt would be in charge of putting the voice to Mario, we had it many months ago during the nintendo direct, the mythical event of the company. But in addition to this, more details were shown about the rest of the characters that will be part of the film.

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However, for now, We do not have an official release date. of this film. It remains to wait for new details to be confirmed about it, including a trailer and much more.

Chris Pratt advances details on how he prepares to voice Mario

Chris Pratt will be in charge of putting the voice of Mario in the next animated movie

Chris Pratt will be in charge of putting the voice of Mario in the next animated movie

Recently the magazine Variety has met with the actor to discuss details about the series that Chris Pratt will star in for the platform Amazon Prime Videoknown as The Terminal List. during this meetingthe medium has not hesitated to ask him for new details about the Mario Bros.

Faced with this question, the actor immediately replied that he has been working together with the directors to ensure your work lives up to popularity What does this character have? But that’s not all, but he has also made the decision to update the character’s voice with an Italian accent, to do something unique.

Chris also claims that he is eager for viewers to see his work. Nevertheless, anticipates that it will be a film that will not have live action. This means that they will not see him running and jumping across various platforms while wearing the mythical plumber suit. He is only going to put voice and emotions to the character with the intention of offering an experience never heard before.

Although this film has received all kinds of criticism due to the fear that the Mario Bros. fan community has, as they worry about the quality of this adaptation and if it will truly live up to its success or ruin the franchise. However, the actor seems confident in his work and that of all his colleagues, so it remains to wait for more details.

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