This is David Bustamante’s intense training to get into the ring at Ibai Llanos’ Evening of the Year II

This is David Bustamante’s intense training to get into the ring at Ibai Llanos’ Evening of the Year II

Singer David Bustamante’s relationship with physical exercise is nothing new. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, he surprised with his great physical change, noticeably improving your body composition. David has continued to train since then, which will help him by putting on his boxing gloves and participating in the Year 2 Evening, organized by Ibai Llanos. The singer will fight Mister Jägger on June 25, 2022, and in this article we are going to show some of his training.

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David Bustamante’s relationship with physical exercise comes from afar

The Cantabrian has had better and worse moments in physical form. After the first part of the Covid-19 pandemic, he himself acknowledged on Bertín Osborne’s Canal Sur program that his relationship with food was not healthybut managed to overcome the process thanks to the guidance of health professionals.

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Bustamante shows on his social networks that he is an active person who practices different sports such as tennis, golf or paddle tennis. The strength training is also part of David’s routinean aspect that will help him in his fight against Mister Jägger.

David Bustamante workouts

Physical exercise has been an important part of David’s routine for many years. The same share some of your workouts on social media where we can see that he takes it very seriously.

Bustamante has been associated with boxing for quite a few years now. Alexa Twitter user, has shared a thread showing several of the workouts that David has been showing for almost ten years.

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Mr. Jägger may have a difficult evening seeing how the Cantabrian spends them training in the ring. In the following video we see him making a good combination of blows with good speed and agility.

Another of the training sessions in which we can see Bustamante perform boxing training is the following, where he shows the execution of a hitting speed task with good quality.

David is a complete boxer, since in addition to boxing itself and other sports mentioned above, such as golf or paddle tennis, he also has practiced contact sports in different versions.

We’ll have to wait for June 25 to see the Evening of Year 2 and find out if David Bustamante’s boxing experience and physical training will help him win in the ring.

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Images | David Bustamante’s Instagram, Twitter of Ibai Llanos.