A few hours before the keynote of Apple in which (in all probability) the new iPhone 13, leaks increase over what will the camera module be like. We already anticipated that the camera would bring interesting news and that the module that houses them would be larger than in current terminals. But apart from this detail, there are still things to know. This is all we know at the moment.

The camera module will be, as we say, larger but that will not bring about a significant design change as confirmed by the renders that several case manufacturers have published before the launch. It will remain square and will house two or three targets, depending on the model, more flash and lidar sensor that, as we already have, it seems that it will be present in all models (and not only the most exclusive as so far).

One of the leaked cases that show what the new iPhone 13 will look like (in all probability). @evleaks

What will vary is the position of the lenses, which in the case of the simplest models (with two main lenses), will become diagonal. In addition, it is speculated that the objectives are also larger, which could lead to a change of focal points It remains to be seen to what extent they differ from the previous generation.

For the rest, what does seem to be clear is that the thickness of the new iPhone will increase (in 26 millimeters according to our colleagues at Engadget) in such a way that the cameras do not protrude so much from the body as in the iPhone 12. Another possibility is that now what stands out a little is the complete camera module instead of each lens separately because, in fact, some rumors claim that the lenses would be covered by a sapphire crystal unique to protect them.

For the rest, logically we expect changes in the field of software but for now we already know some that will come from the hand of the new iOS 15 whose news has already been announced by colleagues from Applesfera. The main incorporation of “Photo Memories“, an idea that comes from behind and that allows us to create” moving “videos from our photos and videos that will now be organized intelligently and will now be able to incorporate music from Apple Music, not just the basic songs that were available until now.

Apple Iphone 13 Render Concept 04

A render of what the new iPhone 13 could be. Photo by Svetapple

Also the possibility of deactivating the Night mode and an important search improvement within the Photos app. This will now be much more intelligent and will allow you to search for all kinds of terms; furthermore, the search engine will cross-work with Spotlight, with which it will show results of anything that is in our terminal, of course also photos and videos.

Finally, the function “Live text“allows you to take a photo of something in which there is a text and that the application recognizes that text and converts it to digital, with the possibilities that this will allow.

Cover photo | Manzana