The new Samsung terminals are warming up engines to go out on the circuit, but first they will have to be reviewed to know all the leaks and rumors.

Throughout this year 2022 several device launches are expected and some of them carry more weight than others. The clear example is the Samsung terminals, the new Galaxy S22 family is the one that usually sets the pace of launches for high-end equipment from other manufacturers.

And, is that, they are the quintessential example of premium devices with the latest features. They are still in the air, but we are going to reel off all the leaks and rumors that have arisen around these terminals. The first thing to deal with is the design issue because it seems that the rear will differ with the previous generation.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the camera module would disappear and allow the cameras to integrate more naturally into the device’s chassis.. As he Samsung Galaxy S22 as S22 Plus they would maintain the differentiation between camera modules and rear of the device.

At the power level, what is expected inside the device is that they will have the latest generation Exynos processors and, in addition, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 for certain markets. The latest rumors suggest that the Galaxy S22 Ultra would also mount 1 TB of internal storage.

The screen with the largest diagonal would be mounted by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, reaching up to 6.8 inches with QHD + resolution and a high refresh rate. The Galaxy S22 would stay at 6.06 inches and the Galaxy S22 Plus would go up to 6.55 inches; all three would have high refresh rates.

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The prices have also been rumored and, it is that, it seems that this year they would be somewhat more expensive than the previous year. The Samsung Galaxy S22 It would start at 912 euros, the Galaxy S22 Plus from 1,119 euros and the Galaxy S22 Ultra from 1,300 euros. Of course, the price would increase depending on storage and RAM.