This ingredient cannot be missing in hamburgers

This ingredient cannot be missing in hamburgers

A study reveals that pickled green slices actually enhance the flavor of a sandwich or burger. Specifically, they ensure that the addition of gherkins improves the taste, appearance and texture of the burger.

Pickles enhance the experience

The tartness of the pickled cucumber cuts through the rich umami flavor of the meat and also adds a satisfying crunch. This comes after a survey revealed that 51 percent of people choose to remove the baby pickle from their burger.

The question of whether pickles are an essential part of the perfect burger has been a hotly debated topic in the food world for years, along with the controversial pineapple-on-pizza argument. The latest report highlights a number of reasons to add pickles enhances the oral-somatosensory experience to eat a hamburger.

Pickles are undoubtedly one of the most controversial ingredients to a burger, with the population seemingly split down the middle between lovers and enemies. But what exactly is it about burgers that makes them addictive to some but abhorrent to others?

Science suggests different sensory elements (sight, sound, texture, taste and smell) play different roles for different consumers, but ultimately keeping the pickles in the burger is the best way to optimize flavor . Its sensory properties perfectly complement the other ingredients of the burger.

This contradicts the results of a survey, in which more than half of the participants said they would choose to eliminate pickled cucumber. The most common reason for this decision was that they don’t like the taste, cited by 23 percent of those surveyed. Another 16 percent don’t enjoy the texture of the vegetable, and 4 percent said they had never tried pickles but didn’t like the idea of ​​them. A minority of 12 percent even said they like pickles, but would prefer to eat them plain.

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Those between the ages of 35 and 54 were the demographic most in favor of their addition, with 37 percent saying they would prefer a burger with them inside. Young people between 18 and 24 years old were the least likely to want to be included.

Makes food more attractive

In his report, he states that the sourness of the pickles helps deliver the rich umami (or savory) notes of the burger and balance the contrasting flavors. The texture of the pickles also contrasts nicely with the rest of the burger ingredients, resulting in a more appealing “bite.” The powerful crunch that the pickle adds to a bite helps draw attention to the mouth, making for a more satisfying eating experience.

A hint of green between the brown and beige also makes the burger look more appealing, and the first bite of any meal is always the eyes.

However, there is no right or wrong way to eat a burger, however, keeping the pickles inside the burger is the best way to get the full potential of every bite.