This illustration of Zoro and Chopper is so cool that you will want it as a wallpaper for your mobile

This illustration of Zoro and Chopper is so cool that you will want it as a wallpaper for your mobile

This adorable pair of mugiwara have made their way to your mobile phone

One Piece is one of the most beloved anime series today, its story focuses on The Straw Hat Pirates and their dream of creating a new era in which their captain is the King of the Pirates., but the reason they have made a place in the hearts of their fans has been because of the way they develop their characters, from Luffy, their protagonist, to their companions such as Roronoa Zoro, the mighty swordsman and Chopper, the crew doctor, who started life as a reindeer until he consumed a large devil fruit that turned him into a thinking being.

Both characters have played an important role in the current Wano Country Arc and its current onslaught against the forces of Kaido, the nation’s tyrant. For this, It is no surprise that in the Reddit of One Piece have shared two perfect images to become the new wallpaper for your mobile phone. The first of them shows Zoro and Chopper with a yellow background in which the great spirit and happiness that these warriors radiate stands out, the second of them has only Roronoa Zoro in a red background with an imposing temper:

But what makes these two One Piece characters so special? On one side, we have Roronoa Zoro who has the goal of becoming the strongest swordsman in the universe and, on the other hand, we have Chopper, who has given us some of the most emotional moments in the franchise. To tell the truth, this little doctor has won the hearts of his fans by the way he manages to lift the spirits of the crew just by his presence.

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Who are Zoro and Chopper from One Piece?

The first time Zoro interacts with Chopper in One Piece is a somewhat comical scene: Sanji originally wanted to cook Chopper and was jokingly calling him “Emergency Food” to annoy him, but the two are good friends. Chopper was not originally recruited by Luffy to be the crew medic, but simply because he was a “cool reindeer that can transform”, this caught the little anthropomorphic animal by surprise who couldn’t believe they would travel without one. When there is a strong wave, tide or eddy, or the crew is in danger, Chopper hugs Zoro’s face, even suffocating him, which is why Zoro is often angry with him. In turn, he gets angry with the swordsman himself for very justified reasons., since it is normally the most wounded of all the crew in the battles and when Chopper heals it, Zoro disobeys his medical instructions.

However, it is almost always Zoro who helps Chopper at a time when he cannot overcome, for example, sometimes he carries him on his shoulders or helps him cross a river or the sea.. The two are great friends and Chopper admires Zoro for his bad boy status and for his enormous strength (although he also complains about him due to his horrible sense of direction, even saying that he will make a cure for his idiocy). Without a doubt, their relationship in One Piece is one of the most adorable.

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