This illustration of Luffy’s crew is perfect as a mobile wallpaper

This illustration of Luffy’s crew is perfect as a mobile wallpaper

This wallpaper takes inspiration from the Fisherman’s Island special

If you’re a One Piece fan, you’ve probably enjoyed both the non-canon movies of the series and the main story of Luffy, the captain who will become the next Pirate King. This is the case of the story of Fisherman’s Island, one of the most interesting plot arcs before Saobody. And, if you are also a fan of this adventure, we have the perfect wallpaper for your mobile phone.

In the case of Arts_by_kk31 he has shared in the Reddit from One Piece a perfect wallpaper for your mobile phone that takes inspiration from Fisherman’s Island, the story of the third special episode of the series. Although its first appearance took place in a non-canon video, after the timeskip it became one of the most exciting places in the play:

In the third special episode of One Piece, it focuses on Randolph’s company on his return to Pescador Island to celebrate Randolph’s latest performance. The Straw Hat Pirates were visiting the island when they found out about the company’s work and decided to attend.. However, they went to the theater before the performance began and went inside, explored behind the scenes, and tried on costumes. They saw Randolph and his companions rehearse a scene, and when the group finished, Lola and two other actors walked in to leave. With only three hours left until show time, Randolph and Suita weren’t sure what to do, but the Straw Hat Pirates offered to stand in for them. Suita gave them their lines and the team got ready for the show.

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What is the Fisherman Island arc from One Piece?

The arch of Pescador Island is the arch of the twenty-fifth floor. It is the second and final arc in the One Piece Fisherman Island saga, which continues from the Return to Sabaody arc.. The Straw Hat Pirates are finally heading to the Island after the two-year timeskip. But many surprises await them as they make their way to their underwater destination and even more so once they reach it. For example, this is the first time we’ve seen many characters after the timeskip. The characters (in the order they were reintroduced) are: Bartholomew Kuma, Momoo, Camie, Pappag, Jinbe, and Hatchan.

Once feared and hated, humans are now greeted with open arms by the people of Fish-Man Island after seeing the Straw Hat Pirates’ actions to save Fish-Man Island from Hody Jones and have made them open their hearts to the humans. The most important thing about this One Piece arc is that Luffy offered Jinbe the opportunity to join the Straw Hat Pirates, but he refused due to unfinished business remaining affiliated with Big Mom. However, Jinbe stated that once everything is over, he will return to Luffy and his crew, and if they still wish him to join, Jinbe will gladly join the Straw Hat Crew, heralding the events of the Whole Cake Arc. Island where Jinbe would join the crew.

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