The entire Dragon Ball saga is one of the longest-lived anime series. Since we were little we have grown up with Goku trying to collect the dragon balls while we had breakfast with a good cup of milk, with colacao or nesquick there I do not get involved. Today our protagonist is nothing less than Broly, one of the most powerful characters in the saga.

East saiyan pure is son of Paragus and was banished from planet vegeta because the monarch was envious that he was more powerful than Prince Vegeta IV. His story of overcoming and defying society marked a milestone in the history of the saga. Well, thanks to its great prominence a user of Reddit wanted to continue paying tribute to the saga with this illustration where Broly and his primate version of Saiyajins appear, his Ozaru.

Broly and Ozaru illustration

The Ozaru, as stated in the wiki fandom, It is a transformation of the Saiyan race. It is an ability that is used to become a huge primate after exposure to the light of the full moon. This characteristic endows the characters that contain it with an innate strength. In the case of Broly, in the movie where he debuted, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, unleash the Ozaru power without needing to transform. In theory, this happens because his father, Paragus, cut off his tail when he was little, which causes that the metamorphosis does not take place, but that he continues to be endowed with that power.

Likewise, the representation of Broly both in the series and in video games has always been in his most ‘human’ physical aspect. Without going any further in Dragon Ball FighterZ, this character does not appear in its ozaru form. Initially he wears his armor but as he deals blows, his clothes are destroyed, Loses control and unfolds his Super Saiyan power with incredible strength.

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Broly in Dragon Ball FighterZ

This illustration of Broly is all that Dragon Ball fans need as their mobile wallpaper

▪ Release date: 01/26/2018