This hero from My Hero Academia is better than Superman

This hero from My Hero Academia is better than Superman


This article will contain spoilers for the latest chapter of My Hero Academia.if you want to read it on your own, you can do it in the service of MangaPlus by Shueisha. We recommend him because he has pushed Endeavor to the limit and proved that he is an unexpected hero, as he is not only the series equivalent of Superman, but he is also better than DC Comics’ Man of Steel.

For many years, Japan’s No. 1 hero was All Might, “the symbol of peace”, a hero who strove not only to be the ultimate force against evil, but also to inspire people to be better. This made All Might very similar to DC Comics’ Superman, who is the most powerful of the heroes but also the one that people admire the most. After All Might had to retire due to injuries sustained while capturing the villain All for One, the coveted number 1 position went to Endeavor, but his figure little represented “the values ​​of the aforementioned two”, however Kohei Horikoshi wanted reference them and claim it.

At My Hero Academia 356, Endeavor landed a final blow against All For One.

In the final battle between the heroes and the villains, Endeavor showed that he can use his powers like Superman does as a last resort to be able to defeat All For One, the villain that not even All Might could defeat (perhaps not even Superman could). Although the villain tried to break him down psychologically, mocking him for his failings as a father and as a hero, he nonetheless found the resolve he needed and relentlessly attacked All for One, cornering him.

In chapter 357 of My Hero Academia, our hero even finds the perfect counter to All for One’s quirk, which allows him to steal other powers simply by touching his victims. When the villain tries to grab him, Endeavor (who has lost an arm and has his other hand taken) fires two fire bolts from his eyes, incinerating All for One’s hand, an act of desperation, but also of willingness to lose his life. in order to defeat him.

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The relationship between Superman from DC Comics and Endeavor from My Hero Academia

This attack is very similar to one of Superman’s signature powers, his heat vision. However, Endeavor couldn’t be more different from the Man of Steel. The concept of Superman is that he is a god among men, he inspires people to reach higher and higher by being perfect and above reproach: he is more of an ideal than a man. All Might was similar to that, the so-called “Symbol of Peace”.”, while Endeavor is the opposite, the very image of a fallible man. He tortured his children and himself, destroyed his family, all in order to conceive a child who could one day surpass All Might.

However, Endeavor fully accepted the weight of his mistakes, his family forgave him, and he became a better man and hero, one who can pose a serious threat even to the unbeatable All for One. Instead of being an inspiration for being perfect , he shows that mistakes can be fixed and difficulties can be enduredwhich is a much more inspiring message than Superman and All Might’s ideal of perfection.

my hero academy endeavor superman

Endeavor is the opposite image of Superman and All Might in My Hero Academia, but he may be an even better symbol.

My Hero Academia’s latest chapter proved that an unexpected hero isn’t just the series’ equivalent of Superman., but he’s also better than the Man of Steel. Endeavor showcased a use of his fire-based powers that closely resembles Superman’s own heat vision, while the character’s progress and evolution throughout the series show that he is a much better role model than Superman. Last son of Krypton.

Endeavor shooting beams from his eyes could be a good reference and homage to Superman from the author of My Hero AcademiaKohei Horikoshi. However, given the character’s history and evolution, Endeavor represents a very different ideal of a hero from Superman and All Might, one who inspires people through his ability to overcome his own failures rather than perfection. .

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