Batgirl is one of the next projects that DC has on its agenda. The movie, unlike others, will not be released in theaters, but will instead hit HBO Max.

DC does not want to give much advantage to Marvel studios and he’s still in the race for box office and platform dominance. So, with this in mind, they already have four main films planned to take to theaters. These are The batman, Black adam, The Flash and Aquaman 2. However, they are also looking to stay strong in streaming, taking advantage of the alliance with HBO Max. To do this, they intend to release some exclusive titles for the catalog. Among these are Static Shock, Blue beetle and Batgirl.

The latter is the one that has been known the most. Until now, for example, it is known that it will star Leslie grace, the actress and singer who recently appeared in the musical In The Heights, from Lil-Manuel Miranda. Thus, the interpreter will be in the role of Barbara gordonwhile his father, James Gordon will arrive thanks to JK Simmons, who played it in The Justice League.

In the same way, a few hours ago it was announced that the cast would be complemented by Brendan fraser. The actor, who is returning to the spotlight, will give life to Firefly, the famous arson villain from the comics. However, this was not the initial plan.

According to more recent reports, the studio had thought of another great artist to antagonize the film. In the mind of Warner Bros., Sylvester Stallone he was the ideal candidate for the position. All in all, the legendary celebrity, star of Rocky and Rambo, could have covered another role.

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Another actor was being targeted to be the villain of Batgirl

The sources indicate that the veteran action film reference was taken into account to impersonate Carmine falcone, one of the great leaders of the mafia of Gotham city. As it was, a script change could have explained Stallone’s departure from the plans.

Another actor was being targeted to be the villain of Batgirl

Regardless, he could still appear, but that will be confirmed only in mid-2022, when Batgirl would premiere on HBO Max. The feature film will be directed by Adil The Arbi and Bilall fallah, (Bad boys for life) having a script of Christina Hodson (Birds of prey).