This Espeon and Umbreon themed room is a Pokemon fan’s dream

This Espeon and Umbreon themed room is a Pokemon fan’s dream


Espeon and Umbreon’s room is just adorable.

Many of the children around the world have the dream of having their birthday parties with the theme of their favorite series or games, they complete large collections with some of the most emblematic characters of the series, they dress up as the characters for their parties or events. There are even those who take their taste a little further, as we have seen circulating on the Internet, with some impressive designs made by themselves to capture it on the skin as a tattoo. Perhaps the latter have been the ones who carefully saved all the possible memories of their favorite childhood series and made it a reality by taking it with them wherever they go.

But the point is that parents can also participate in the tastes of their children, who not only enjoy a good cake with the theme of Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Super Mario Bros, by thinking of some of the most popular franchises, having objects collectibles or clothes… they also wish they had a room with the right decorations to recreate the settings of their favorite series or games.

Fortunately, there are many children who have the support of their parents to share this hobby at home. And this is the case of a couple of parents who went to great lengths to create a Pokemon-themed room for their little fan at home.

A Pokemon themed room

While the ways to show affection for shows or games can be creative, inventive, and practically endless, a Reddit user by the name of jworley365 showed off one of the most exciting ways to pay homage to Pokémon for a child. In the description of the post, the user explains that the parents had to completely redo the child’s room to give it the touches that any Pokémon fan would want. In them, Umbreon and Espeon, two of the evolved forms of Eevee, are distinguished as predominant..

The result of these parents’ hard work is really adorable and the combination of purple tones on the walls bring out the characters in a great way. The design is a bit avant-garde, but not too saturated with shapes, which makes it even better not only for a child, but for any fan.

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As you have seen in the previous image, the room was painted with purple, gray and black triangles, simulating the color and pointed ears that can be seen in Eeve’s evolved forms. The vanity against the decorated wall blends beautifully with the tones of the background, while emphasizing Umbreon. In addition, the pokeball, the Mewtwo Funko Pop and, how to put it aside, the Pokémon sheets, complete the design of a really nice room.

Finally, the framed images of Umbreron and Espeon can show what is being imitated, For those who don’t know the characters. As we said, the modern touch and the many Pokémon references give the room a fresh and understated look, while every detail has a purpose.

For its part, jworley365 He has explained that if his son stops being a fan of Pokémon at some point, he could perfectly remove the decorations that are specific to the series and leave the creative design on the wall, without affecting his good taste.

As expected, the comments towards the post have been positive. Most of them have praised the parents who have fulfilled their child’s dream of paying homage to the series in their own space at home. Although, of course, many others claim that they would like to have the same or similar design in their own room… ignoring the fact that they are much older than the 9-year-old daughter of jworley365. The rest even joked that he would like to be adopted by the family to get this adorable room.

In summary, Pokémon has shown its public several generations over the years. It does not cease to excite its fans, but it is a fact that a large part of its audience has its own children, who share the fondness for the franchise. Of course, there are multiple debates about the series, however, it is still a taste that many people of different ages around the world have in common.

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