This cool N64 mod combines Ocarina of Time with Star Fox

This cool N64 mod combines Ocarina of Time with Star Fox

While the Star Fox franchise remains one of the most beloved by Nintendo fans, the franchise has been a bit dormant in terms of new games in recent years. The last main entry in the franchise, 2016’s Star Fox Zero, had a mixed reception from fans and critics alike, and the Fox crew, Falco, Slippy and the rest have yet to see a new game exclusive to the franchise. Switch.

While the future of the series may be up in the air, a recent fan project appears to offer a new reimagining of an old favorite. Although Star Fox 64 has been lauded as the pinnacle of the franchise, its follow-up, Star Fox Adventures, led to the franchise starfox to an entirely new genre, reimagining the 3D rail shooter as an adventure game and gaining a cult following among fans.

Although the game was not well received upon its release, its Zelda-inspired gameplay helped set the game apart from its GameCube predecessors. Now, with Star Fox in over six years without seeing a new game in the franchise, one fan has set out to take the series in a familiar direction with Star Fox Conquest.

The popular modder Zel. has recently revealed its new Star Fox Conquest project, an ambitious ROM hack from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which makes the game a spiritual successor to Star Fox Adventures. The trailer shows Fox McCloud battling various enemies from Ocarina of Time, such as Deku Scrubs and Tektites, while wielding a sword and shield similar to Link’s.

The project also features brand new music and stars Fox, who crash lands on another planet and embarks on a new grand journey. Fans who want to get a taste of the massive hack won’t have to wait any longer to get into Star Fox Conquest, as the trailer concludes with the reveal of the game’s release date, scheduled for sometime this year.

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Zell. has become a popular name within the fan community of Nintendo 64as he was previously part of a team that worked to create a playable version of the iconic Zelda: Ocarina of Time beta from Spaceworld 1997, as well as creating other Zelda-based fan games.