During this week, 343 Industries and Microsoft finally showed a new preview of the campaign of Halo Infinite. It was not a minor issue, since this modality was almost totally disappeared since that demo that disappointed many in E3 2020. However, it is evident that the Washington study took advantage of the additional time – one year – to give a remarkable graphic jump. Of course, the fans are more than happy with the work done.

Now if for some strange reason you couldn’t notice improvements in the released trailer, this comparative from The Bit Analyst, one of the most recognized channels for its technical analysis of video games, will clear up all your doubts. The video not only focuses on the cinematics, but also on the scenes with gameplay of Halo Infinite. In both cases, there is an importable advance in terms of visual quality. Of course, we intuit that this version is running on Xbox Series X or PC.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference in Halo Infinite has to do with the illumination, which now is at the height of a project next-gen. The foregoing is complemented with better-made materials and some textures that boast a higher level of detail. Even the map interface, a section where we can observe the objectives of the open world, has changed substantially compared to the version we saw in 2020.

Master Chief’s armor is not far behind. Attrition details generated by battles can now be seen. Also, the change in material reflects light better. These advances can also be seen in the structures of the stage, which completely renewed their textures to stop being “flat” and unattractive. For its part, the drawing distance benefited.

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Overall, it appears that 343 Industries has done an excellent job of overcoming the harsh reviews it received the previous year. Of course, the best analysis can be done when Halo Infinite see the light next December 8. It will be interesting to see how it performs on an Xbox One, as this console’s hardware lags far behind its successors.