Apple fans are capable of achieving milestones that users of a few brands are able to match, especially when it comes to collections. Thus, every so often a collector shares a collection of objects ranging from computers, documents or even slippers that, given their importance in the history of the firm, are valued in thousands of dollars.

But beyond the famous cult objects, not always functional, some prefer to gather signature accessories in order to use them in their day-to-day, such as Apple Watch straps, but literally All straps!

There aren’t too many straps for the Apple Watch!

According to an image shared a few days ago on the popular Reddit forum, user u/toxtrepia has a huge collection of carefully ordered and tagged Apple Watch bands. The publication made by the owner of it, has generated immediate reactions due to its particularity and the work of computers, in a way that does not occur even in the Apple Store.

The post is titled “I thought it was finally time to share my collection now that it’s organized!”

Apple Watch bands

The Redditor has shown a careful collection with the labels that are attached to the watch band by fixing a pin in one of the holes. On the other side of the label, a label reads the name. Apparently, the labels and supports are custom designed and manufactured with the help of 3D printing.

Among all the comments, there was no lack of those who were a little more detailed with the post and pointed out that if the watch bands are genuine, they could well be worth thousands of dollars or those more incredulous who affirmed that most of the bands are not Apple and in this sense, they would not have an economic value. But whether they are false or not, boy is the effort to put them together appreciated!