If you are one of those who have taken advantage of this bridge to stay at home doing nothing (an art), you may be tired of listening to Christmas songs in the Instagram Stories of your friends while they play in the snow. It is a reality: holiday season It is here and in addition to your acquaintances, fashion firms remind us of it every day. Bershka wants to celebrate in a big way and after his party collection he throws some (fun) jumpers perfect for the occasion.

One more year they take the ugly sweaters and the Spanish firm wants to launch with versions where the Disney characters are the best companions. Whether with Mickey or Donald, these proposals are perfect to wear indoors or in our more casual looks.

Christmas Bershka Sweaters 02

Mickey Xmas high neck sweatshirt.

Mickey Xmas high neck sweatshirt.

In the form of a sweatshirt and in two colors synonymous with Christmas (red and / or green), these proposals promise to conquer your most innocent side -they are designs that would make the girl within us fall in love. With jeans, sweatpants or even corduroy pants, these options have been created to make Christmas more enjoyable and fun.

Bershka Christmas Sweaters 01

Mickey Xmas sweatshirt.

Which version do you prefer?

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