This book teaches you tricks in Excel, to do digital marketing

This book teaches you tricks in Excel, to do digital marketing

Excel has become one of the key programs on the market, to be able to process data with which the digital marketing it has grown stronger and has succeeded in defining ever more daring tasks.

Given these exercises, a tremendously important challenge to contemplate is the one that has to do with the way in which brands are getting involved in the market, once they understand the interpretation of the data.

Faced with this, it is important to understand the exercises based on which the best activities in the market have been determined and which works help to understand these resources.

On Marketing Analytics: Data-Driven Techniques with Microsoft Excelthe work of Wayne L Winstonthe author explains the bases behind the theory of implementing the interpretation of business data, to understand the consumer and improve results.

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Within this work, Winston explains how to solve specific problems in the business, with analytical techniques that help achieve better results.

The author demonstrates that Excel can be used as a substitute for the use of expensive analytical tools, thereby reaching and keeping valuable customers for the brand and avoiding customers, who represent a risk for the company.

The author’s approach also helps readers of his work project sales and improve response rates for marketing campaigns.

Given these tasks, a tremendously important resource has to do with the way in which brands have managed to get involved in better activities, especially when results are expected by knowing how to use resources such as pivot tables, the use of tables to summarize results, make dynamic labels, estimating demand curves and solving price optimization.

Excel and successful results

Faced with the current challenges, today more than ever we have to observe the data and its interpretation with the help of programs such as Excel, which help to renew the data in the market and, most importantly, define activities that are tremendously relevant to the consumer.

The relevance that is sought to be achieved in consumption has a very important challenge to meet and that is to be able to establish best practices to understand digital resources, which have become fundamental in strategic decisions.

Within a study of Smart Insights, the platform identified in a worldwide study, the main techniques used in digital marketing, among which the following stand out: content marketing, marketing automation and Big Data, a crucial matter in the interpretation of data.