This book teaches you how to sell if your business is a service business

This book teaches you how to sell if your business is a service business

Today we can talk about service entrepreneurship with total frankness and how we can improve this service, especially when we have figures to improve. In his study, Kauffman Foundation found an entrepreneurship rate of 0.31 percent, when it comes to new entrepreneurs.

“If you want to grow your consulting business, this book is for you. Providing services is a great way to create a huge and stable income. But starting from scratch can be very difficult.

Building a large audience and portfolio of high-paying clients requires you to know extremely powerful and proven marketing techniques. And you can learn those techniques only from another consultant who did the same job before you”, says the author himself. james anderson of his book.

The important thing about this type of works is the capacity with which they manage to transform the traditional, betting on activities such as entrepreneurship, which has become crucial in income diversification.

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Given this, the power of a good work is understandable, which helps you to be able to energize your efforts, especially when it comes to improving the results of your business, especially when you know very well the importance of having the support of all the work that is done, to be able to achieve weighty activities in what is communicated.

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