this allows third parties to do on your Reels

this allows third parties to do on your Reels

The reels of the universe of applications Facebook are one of the most important content proposals that this social network has and that have earned it competition with other platforms, until now that it opens them to third parties.

This capacity of the platform has also allowed it to take a very important step and after breaking locks, it now allows the integration of videos from third-party applications in its content format.

The measure is an important action, with which the platform is undoubtedly opening the way to feed on the creation of content from other platformsputting an end to this old zeal where replicating content generated in other media was prevented.

An old website tactic

The old tactic of replicating content has been used by websites for years and is a measure with which a very important benchmark has been established in the market and is the one that has to do with diversification before the consumer.

In front of this consumer, an interesting communication exercise is evident. For example, the decision to Facebook which consists of being able to create a Reel with videos from other apps, so now it is in a campaign so that they go to its developer center and from there the share button can be integrated into reels within these platforms.

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With this in mind, there is a key ferocity in the way content is created and more than that, an interesting challenge is determined, which is to be able to better adapt the work model.

Social networks and the business of content

The content business has made social networks fundamental channels to be able to create and distribute it. That is why activities have been defined that serve to be able to work on better trends and, most importantly, to be able to establish activities that end up being relevant to the consumer.

Once this series of exercises has been understood, very important elements are discovered, such as those that have to do with the way in which brands are involved in the digital medium.

First we have seen strong tendencies of social commercewe are now witnessing other trends like the metaverse. The last major brand to join this segment has been Coca Colalaunching its first digital drink and the movement of the beverage brand has become tremendously important, because it forces the rest of the mass consumption brands to integrate this scenario in all their strategies due to their size and the need they already have, of to be able to count on actions that are increasingly relevant to the consumer, especially now that it is defining a series of resources to fully exploit the creation of content.

With this, it is important to see how the estimates of Statistical place content marketing as the leading strategy in digital marketing and from this exercise a very interesting aspect has been established: the one that has to do with the value given to narratives in the market.

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