The effect sporty chic it is becoming very popular again (although we could really say that it has never stopped being so) and we are quite in favor of it. Although it is true we like looks sport at its best, with super comfortable tracksuits or sports jackets.

Because if we have learned anything from last year’s pandemic and lockdown, it is to put comfort as a flag. So although the tracksuit is losing strength little by little now that we can go out and fix ourselves again, we are going to continue defending it.

Offers of up to 50% on Reebook and Adidas: these are our favorite sneakers for less than 60 euros

That is why when diving among the Adidas offers for Black Friday we have come across this jacket we have stayed in love. Both for its stamping and for being at half price, for 74.95 euros 37.48 euros:

Adidas jacket

It has a complicated pattern and color, we know, that may not be to everyone’s taste. But that’s exactly what fashion is all about, right? How boring if we were all the same.

We really love it. So much to wear alone with leggings to the gym or with wide high-waisted jeans for day to day. Or even to get the matching pants and wear the total look. And Adidas’s explanation of the print we like even more: “handwritten, pays homage to the global creative mindset“.

RYV jacket

And if you like it so much that you want to wear the complete look, we also leave you the pants. Like the jacket, it is reduced to half price by 64.95 euros 25.98 euros:

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Adidas pants

RYV pants

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More offers?

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Cover photo | Adidas / @elisavet_pesiridou

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