The world of card collectibles is back in vogue. Now with the release of the Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl video game, the sale of Pokémon trading cards has increased. Turning the collectible card franchise born from video games and anime into a new brand that does not depend solely on these two gears, but is self-sustaining and, moreover, over the years it has become a star product.

This new way of enjoying a hobby is called Tranding Card Game (Trading Card Game), that although now it is a great ball of success did not always enjoy the same. Thanks to the Pokémon TCG taking on industry greats like the Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering, today the sale of their cards is summarized in more than 34.1 billion cards sold in these 25 years, translated into 13 languages ​​and distributed in 76 different countries, according to MeriStation.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! they can be worth thousands of dollars

Likewise, fans of collectibles too create their own cards to sell and ensure that this new trend does not die of itself, but to pretend to praise his art and his love for franchises such as Pokémon. The same has happened to DBZ PrismCard, which according to account on its website «I am a 36-year-old boy, passionate about the world of master Toriyama. I grew up with Dragon Ball and Club Dorothée, where I played a recording of the show when I was 7 years old, and yes, it dates! I am an old man but I kept my son’s soul! I mainly collect PP prism«.

Now DBZ PrismCard is dedicated to making letters of Dragon Ball and Pokémon unique in the world. It has recently uploaded this starring Pikachu, one of the most beloved animals in the entire franchise. Its elaboration is an overlap of types of thick coated papers together with fixed plastic parts to guarantee its robustness and durability. You also provided the letter of some unique features: an HP of 60, Thundershock abilities 10 and Spring Back +20. Crafted mainly from various proxy cards of a particular pokémon: Pikachu.

Hello. I made a new ShadowCard 3D with Proxy cards. Open commission. desde Pokemonart

In addition to its 3D design with several superimposed coated papers and a unique architecture in this type of card, its colors and brightness stand out, giving the card a unique singularity. This shine is usually linked to the form shiny of a pokémon, which translates into, according to the Wikidex, «In itself it is an extremely rare genetic alteration. The variocolor or brilliant denomination part of the treatment of the game towards them: when they are sent to combat a halo of stars covers them and makes them shine. They are but one version alternative of another color of the normal species of that same Pokémon«.

Currently, the creator has commissions open in case any or any collector is interested in this type of product. As reported in his profile Reddit. Although it must be added that this letter not an authentic item from the official Pokémon collection, It is the work of an artist independent of the franchise who wants to express his art in this way.

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In an interview with MeriStation, Atsushi Nagashima talks about the creative process for the elaboration of these letters, «Our inspiration for the new elements comes from video games, which we use to build the basic framework of a TCG product or series. We start by selecting four or five main Pokémon, taking into account issues such as the types of Pokémon in the game environment ». We see this inspiration represented in the letter that is the subject of this news. Pikachu, despite being a free interpretation of DBZ PrismCard, follows the same patterns as the original cards from the creators of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, without changing its illustration type.

«Next, we put together our selection of Pokémon, taking into account issues such as the balance of Pokémon types and evolutions, the popularity of the characters and the game mechanics, and from there, we work on the data and the illustrations of each individual letter«, Continues in the Nagashima quoted interview. As you will see, there is a world behind a simple pokémon card, there is a lot of work and effort behind the desired card.

This 3D Pokémon card is a collector's dream

▪ Release date: 11/19/2021