Thief pretends to be a teacher to steal an Xbox

Thief pretends to be a teacher to steal an Xbox

Something that should be clear to us is that consoles are luxury products that serve to entertain people, that means that their prices can be quite high, the clearest proof is xbox series x Y PS5. Many thieves are aware of this, so they are attentive to the slightest distraction in order to take them from their owners.

Thus comes a story from our country, one that was narrated by the journalist known as Carlos Jimenez. In it we are told that two minors went out of age, and these were discovered by a thug who drew up an incredibly fast and cunning plan. He then approached them with the intention of posing as a teacher from his campus.

That led to a threat to notify the director that they had eloped, but could be saved from punishment if they met one condition, “lend” a Xbox for a student tournament. So the students did not think twice and went to the house of one of them, there her mother was the one who welcomed them to the house and authorized to lend the device.

However, things did not end well for the young people, since they believed the whole story of the thief, so they took out the Xbox and they gave it to him immediately so as not to be sanctioned by his institution. Immediately afterwards, not a word was said afterwards, as the subject ran with the console so that they would never (or at least for now) find him again.

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It all happened on may 13th in the colony Anahuac.

editor’s note: It may sound a bit cruel, but this could be a kind of lesson for looking out of place and leaving school aside, it’s not the worst of crimes, but we’re not in the safest city in the world either. Anyway, hopefully they find the subject so that he stops stealing left and right.

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