They will allow you to record in Uber during your trip for security reasons

They will allow you to record in Uber during your trip for security reasons

Uber will allow recording in audios, either the driver or the passengers, for security reasons so that the trip is completed in the best possible way.

This function will be tested in three cities in the United States at the end of the month according to the statement that Uber sent to the press, and which will function as a pilot test.

How will recording in Uber work?

The application will allow you at the beginning of a trip, that the driver or passenger, can record in the Uber by pressing the shield icon in the safety toolkit.

Either of the two will have to select the option “record audio” and it will start working. The app will notify the user if the driver activated the feature.

Uber shared rides are back, but with these changes

This option to record in Uber was launched for the first time in Latin America in 2019, as a measure to improve safety and that has had good results.

The security of this audio will work by means of an encryption of this that is stored in the devices of the driver and the user, but they will not be able to listen to what is recorded.

This audio can only be used if the passenger decides to submit a safety report, where the file will be attached and an Uber security agent will review it.

The recording in Uber in a measure that will be tested together with an audible seat belt alert. This will be issued from the driver’s phone and the user will have a notification.

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The company stated that this last option will arrive in early 2022 and that they will continue to improve any security options so that users and drivers are always safe.

Uber users will always thank the application for improving these measures, because while they are more and better, people will feel safer to use the cars of this company.