They throw a PS5 from a 25th floor and this happened

They throw a PS5 from a 25th floor and this happened

For decades, people have put video game consoles through multiple tests to find out how resistant they are to shocks. Sure, a simple drop is probably not a problem, but throw a PS5 from the 25th floor of a building surely takes this type of experiment to the limit. This is something a fan decided to put to the test.

Not long ago, the YouTube channel known as TechRax posted a video where he launched a PS5 from the 25th floor of a building. The objective is to see if the PlayStation console can withstand an extremely strong blow. Did this piece of hardware survive?

As you can see, the PS5 received a strong blow to the front, where the disc player is located. When trying to use the home button, the PS5 did not respond, this surely because the impact basically destroyed this section. While TechRax points out that turning on the console is impossible, it never tried to use the DualSense to turn on the PS5, so there is no clear answer.

On the other hand, the damage to the exterior of the console was not so serious. Yes, a few pieces flew off, but basically the crash section was the damaged one, and the rest of the console looks good. Maybe inside things have more damage. On related issues, the PS5 sold over a million units in Japan during 2021. Likewise, Bowser and Mario were used to promote the PS5 in China.


Editor’s Note:

It is clear that the PS5 is tough. Perhaps a drop of a couple of meters is not a real problem for the console. I’m not going to experiment with my console, but this will make me less concerned if it suffers from a minor bump.

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They throw a PS5 from a 25th floor and this happened

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