They show reunion of Thor and Jane Foster in trailer

They show reunion of Thor and Jane Foster in trailer

the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder is very close to happening, which is why Disney has released new details of the tape, among them is the revelation of the new villain and more images of the action scenes. However, something that fans are looking forward to with great enthusiasm is the reunion between the god of thunder and the new bearer, Jane Foster.

In the preview released a few hours ago, you can see a conversation that these two characters have, emphasizing the time that the characters have not seen each other, since the last meeting was in DarkWorld. The latter is a movie 2014so it is a considerable time in which this researcher has left the spotlight in the world of Marvel.


Something that draws quite a lot of attention is an image in which you can see the protagonists staring at each other, next to them there is a pink background that could mean something more than an uncomfortable reunion. the director of the film, Taika Waititi, He has not mentioned what relationship he will have in the film, but many think that they will resume their affair.

As mentioned in the name, Thor: Love and Thunder, the love between the characters will be the key to be able to defeat the villain of the day, something that users will surely have to discover when they see it on screen. However, some sense that the god of lightning will lose his powers here to make way for a new generation, leaving Jane alone.

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Remember that this movie Marvel premieres the July 8 in theaters.

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