They show how Louis Vuitton’s Nike AF1 sneakers are created

They show how Louis Vuitton’s Nike AF1 sneakers are created

A video posted on TikTok briefly shows how the so-called “world’s most expensive sneakers” are createdthe Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1.

We live in an era in which being a content creator is already one of the most requested professions by the new generations, which, if well used, is capable of generating significant income for users.

The arrival of the pandemic accelerated a process that was already coming: digitization. Today, as has been the case for several years, social networks are everything not only for Internet users, but also for brands and/or companies that already have them to develop their own strategies.

TikTok, within the wide range of social networks that exist today It is the one that, for a couple of years, has won the preference not only of users, but, little by little, is being added to the brands, since it represents an audience of more than one billion registered users per day. from today.

This is the process to create the Louis Vuitton Nike AF1

That is why it is not surprising that we are now talking about a platform where, from different perspectives, brands win, as is the case with Nike and one of its most famous (and most expensive) products: the Air Force 1 by Louis Vuitton.

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And it is that, through TikTok and Through the @soymirrey account, a video was released showing the process by which Louis Vuitton AF1 sneakers are created, clip that has already collected more than two million reproductions and just under 200 thousand likes, in addition to several comments from Internet users.

According to what has been reported, the price of said footwear is two thousand 500 euros for the Nike Air Force 1 Mid and two thousand 000 euros for the Nike Air Force 1 Low.


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? original sound – FINE.

Gone are the beginnings of Facebook and Twitter, which initially functioned as just platforms to share anecdotes, experiences, etc., and, of course, to create friendships.

It’s not that they currently don’t have that function; in fact, in this sense, they are increasingly reinforcing their communication channels to offer a better user experience; however, its scope has been such that, to date, there are already other platforms on the market.

Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, etc., occupy a privileged place in a market that grows by leaps and bounds: that of social networks. This is revealed by the study Digital 2021 signed by Hootsuite and We Are Social, which indicates that the number of users connected to social networks is 4 thousand 623 million.

It should be noted that, of those four billion, just over a billion are subscribed to the most popular Chinese social network at the moment: TikTok, developed by ByteDance in 2016.

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