They share new gameplay of Robin from the expected Gotham Knights

They share new gameplay of Robin from the expected Gotham Knights

Yesterday, Gotham Knights announced which of its leads would be the next featured character in a short teaser. Leaving nothing to be ambiguous, Gotham Knights almost explicitly stated that Robin would be the protagonist.

Perhaps the protagonists of Gotham Knights are already known to many fans, but it is important to remember that the game works within its own continuity. It appears that Bruce Wayne has died, leaving the role of vigilante protector of Gotham City in the hands of Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Robinand their motivations will be revealed as they work together.

Now, the latest character announcement offers a glimpse into the motivations of Time Drake himself, and shares gameplay and cosmetics that haven’t been seen before. Just like the Nightwing character in Gotham Knights earlier this month, Robin appears today in its own cinematic gameplay edition.

In the pictures of the engine, you can see Robin utilizing the Justice League’s satellite teleportation technology to traverse the environment and creatively engage enemies, firing stun projectiles into the air, and even spinning his collapsible staff to deflect enemy shots.

Tim has a lot to do in Gotham Knights, as he is the heir to a deceased Batman and works alongside Dick Grayson’s former Robins, Nightwing, and Jason Todd, Red Hood. This is emphasized in the narration of Robin in the spotlight. From a narrative standpoint, it makes sense that Batman’s death would take a heavy toll on Robin, but Robin seems confidently poised to live up to Batman’s expectations.

Exclusive cosmetics are also highlighted, apart from the default skin of the New Guard of Gotham Knights for Robin, like a suit with a stealth or shinobi-style aesthetic and a suit with a regal 19th-century aesthetic. Through these shots, new aspects of the Faction’s gangs are offered, though it is difficult to discern whether they belong to a particular supervillain regime or have an independent affiliation.

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Players will be able to decide in advance who they’d like to play as, and look forward to their favorite character when Gotham Knights releases in October.