Slowly but surely, the Playstation Vita is getting closer and closer to its 10th anniversary, so Sandeep Rai, author, has launched a kickstarter to publish a 400-page book documenting the entire history of the now-discontinued device. Vita Means Life, which has a goal of £ 6 thousand euros, and which at the time of writing has already exceeded £ 15 thousand, promises to “take a look at the events that gave life to the console, from its announcement to its complex launch” and everything that follows him.

The novel, which is a compilation of three books that Rai has written before, it was expanded with “new stuff” detailing some recent events. The final product will be divided into four sections, covering the history of the hardware, interviews, retrospectives, and a comprehensive library of all the games listed for the game. Playstation Vita in Western territory.

If you are interested in acquiring it, then you can set it aside right now for £ 27 euros, and it should be reaching you sometime in April of the following year. In case said kickstarter exceeds £ 30,000 euros, the author will also include a collectors manual with every copy sold.


Editor’s note: It would certainly be an interesting book, especially now that the PS Vita is almost over. Let’s hope that the author in question complies with the launch of this book, because according to the money raised, he already has more than enough to carry the project forward.

Via: Kickstarter

They seek to launch a book on the 10-year history of Vita

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