They reveal a new welcome video for Arkesia

They reveal a new welcome video for Arkesia

The Lost Ark gaming community can rejoice, as a new video was posted by the official video game account of Amazon Game Studios. In which we can take a look at everything that Arkesia has in store for you in this huge and exciting world.

Something that we find quite striking is that we can play with 15 different classes, sail the seas with our ship and crew, customize our ship and recruit sailors. Taking into account that we must build a fortress to use it as a base, headquarters and crafting station, as well as collect raw materials to make powerful combat objects.

Cinematic dungeons and confrontations with the greatest threats in Arkesia await, so we will have to survive waves of infinite enemies, or hunt the most powerful bosses to get powerful rewards.

Arkesia offers player-versus-player, 3-on-3 battles, where you’ll face off in arenas with balanced gameplay and you’ll be able to customize your character’s characteristics until you find the perfect combination to win epic loot.

Arkesia, is a huge and mysterious world that is being attacked by demonic forces in search of the ark. We must mention that we can enjoy it from February 11, 2022 through Steam. Players who purchase the Founder’s Pack will be able to receive early access to the game on February 8.