They report the death of Fernando del Solar, advertising promoter in Insomnia

They report the death of Fernando del Solar, advertising promoter in Insomnia

Various reports claim that Fernando del Solar passed away and the fact reminds us of his participation in programs such as insomnia, production that was popularized by the promotion of advertising campaigns. Del Solar leaves one of the most important legacies in the communication of creativity in Mexico.

The program was broadcast on Azteca 7 and featured in its most popular seasons, with the hosting of Fernando del Solar and Ana La Salvia, who gave space to campaigns from around the world, which stood out for the message with a sense of humor, awareness among others that have characterized the creative pieces, with any number of brands starring them.

Fernando’s career also made him go through programs such as Venga la Alegría, La Academia and Hoy, where he patented a unique communication style, which on social networks earned him more than 300 thousand followers on his Instagram account, for which he patented a unique celebrity influence, in part due to his work as a TEDx speaker.

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– The network report on the death of Fernando del Solar reminds us how important it is to raise awareness about prevention and timely care for conditions such as cancer –

The fact of his death was communicated in programs such as come the joywhere Sergio Sepulvedaone of the owners of the morning program said he regretted having to make the announcement, but that a close source informed them of the death of the driver of Argentine origin and whose cause of death is unknown, although as we anticipated at the beginning of this note, revealed his battle against lung cancer.

“There are plenty of affectionate adjectives to talk about Fernando, but you who are his family and who built Venga la Alegría have to know,” he explained.

In his last post on his Instagram account, Fernando del Solar lamented the death of his father: