They recreate a Halo ring in real life

They recreate a Halo ring in real life

In a post on Reddit, a video was shared in which shows how he recreated a Halo ring in real life, a recent project I had been working on. According to Reddit’s SilencedGamer, I’ve been wanting to make a miniature version of a Halo ring for a long time. In the clip recorded by the creator, he was holding the ring in his hand, revealing how small it was. This SilencedGamer creation was painted gray on the outside and earth tones on the inside.

This was done to mimic the unique dichotomy between technology and nature created by the Halo rings seen in games. The idea of ​​a fan recreating a Halo ring in real life shows the love that many have for this series. And surely it is a sample of many of what can be found throughout the world of video games.

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Credits: SilencedGamer

Halo ring recreated in real life

In addition to showing the recreation of the Halo ring in real life in a video, SilencedGamer provided some more details about the project. According to the comments of the creator in the reddit post, this Halo ring was meant to be part of a larger diorama. I wanted to work on a project that included several Halo ships. Although the project had been on his mind for about a year, they hoped that making this replica would help him complete the project.

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This impressive real-life but miniature Halo ring piqued the interest of numerous members of the Halo community on Reddit. With more than 1,800 positive votes in less than a day, many fans were impressed with the mini build.

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