The world of anime has proven to be able to blend into any type of format, from 3D illustrations or even accessories and clothing. A few days ago we were struck by sneakers that every Simpsons fan would like to have, today the same thing happens with My Hero Academia.

In addition, fans of this series will be able to choose between the model of Deku, the main protagonist of the series, and All Might, a legendary hero who teaches at the UA Academy.

my hero academia sneakers

K-Swiss is the sneaker brand that has launched a line of products inspired by My Hero Academia. The model is called The My Hero Academia Classic 2000 and they will be available from December 21 on Footlocker. Are you going to reserve a pair?

It is not the first time that we see this type of objects inspired by My Hero Academia, a few weeks ago an anime follower customized his shoes and they were like that.