They inaugurate a children’s area with games in AICM and the passenger thinks very badly

They inaugurate a children’s area with games in AICM and the passenger thinks very badly

A Children area with games was inaugurated at the AICM and the news shared by the Secretary of Foreign Relations through his social networks, far from generating positive criticism, only helped to revive the polarization around the Felipe Angeles airport and how the need for infrastructure in travel terminals has become crucial in the Mexican market.

This demand for works and the criticism it has provoked Marcelo Ebrardby sharing on their social networks a playground that was inaugurated at the International Airport, they are part of passenger demand for services that are on par with today’s passenger industry.

There is a tremendously important element to take into account and it is the one that has to do with the way in which better activities have been developed in the market today.

There is a great example in this regard, which helps to understand this series of criticisms. The construction of mayan train it is a special case, since celebrities have even spoken out around this work in a media campaign, similar to the one orchestrated by the Green Party.

The personalities make a call in this campaign to stop the construction of the train and the action has ended up becoming one more case study of digital political marketing.

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Undoubtedly these cases have set a precedent and it is the power of public opinion on social media and the measurement of sentiment to generate a better political understanding of these spaces.

Within a study that Borrell Associates did in the United States, it was realized that the investment by political authorities in social networks increased brutally. It went from $160 million in 2012 to nearly $3 billion in 2020.

The growth in investment in this segment warns us of the role that networks play today and how important it has become to understand political performance.

There is no doubt that these facts are important in terms of how social conversation has been adapted to everyday issues and how by studying them, better trends can be developed.

Given this, it is important to establish activities that help us understand the market, especially when it comes time to land this data on digital marketing.

From the narrative of social networks and the impact that the digital campaigns implemented in these channels have achieved, there is a series of data that confirms how important it is to understand social networks and act based on their performance.

A great example of this is the study that Social Media Examiner launched in 2021when the platform discovered the main benefits of betting on these channels as marketing media.

The list included the increase in exposure, followed by the increase in traffic and the generation of Leads. The development of loyal fans to the brand and the improvement in sales numbers were also part of the result that is achieved by turning networks into marketing strategies.especially when you know how to make a good narrative of the conversation and take advantage of it, to land campaigns and actions that help a brand to stand out in the market.

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