They imagine an incredible remake of the first Pokémon game

They imagine an incredible remake of the first Pokémon game

Nintendo and Game Freak released the first Pokemon games in 1996 and while new titles in the series have been released, Gen 1 still maintains a huge fan base. And now, a fan has imagined their own take on a Pokémon Legends title based on the first region and Red and Blue’s concept art style.

Said fan has published this morning a video of his project in which he explores the Vermilion Forest, one of the first locations of the original Pokémon games. The Forest is home to many Pokemon Bug-type, and it’s also the first place where Pokémon Red and Blue players can acquire an Electric-type Pokémon, as Pikachu can occasionally be seen in the forest.

As in other titles of Pokemonthe Pokeyugami video shows the Pokémon wandering around the environment near tall grass, and you can interact with a bug catcher that usually starts the battle.

The video begins with Red walking between a Caterpie and a Weedle to get closer to a Pikachu that is eating. Next, the Pokémon Trainer meets a Bug Catcher in very appropriate blue gear who starts a dialogue sequence between the two as Red throws a Pokéball before the battle takes place.

Although the video of Pokemon As Pokeyugami ends before the battle between the two begins, the two will likely use the open environment in a similar way to how battles unfold in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Many Pokemon Red and Blue fans have expressed their need for a game that resembles the creation of Pokeyugami rather than simply asking for a Pokemon Legends game set in Kanto. Pokémon Legends: Arceus continues to be a hit for the Nintendo Switch, but it’s currently unclear if Nintendo would ever pick up Generation 1 again with the watercolor aesthetic popularized by early concept art and reinterpreted by Pokeyugami.

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