They give us one more advance of Pokémon Travel

They give us one more advance of Pokémon Travel

With the passing of time it is becoming clear to us that the anime of pokemon trips An important bow is coming. Since the goal of Ash to become a teacher is getting closer to your hands. For that reason, in the most recent opening of the series we are being given a look at everything that awaits us with the new and old characters.

The most recent opening of the saga was already giving rise to the appearance of several champions from different regions, to which were added some quite interesting confrontations for fans. And now, a new fragment has been released in which we can see the Ash reach his long-awaited fight against the Charizard of the champion Lion.

despite seeing Ash in all its glory during fights, do not forget that pokemon trips also has goh as protagonist. And it is worth remembering that she almost got a position to go hunting for wow. From the beginning they have made it clear to us that this character has the goal of finding him. Although it is not known if she wants to stay with him.


The tournament of this new season It looks most impressive at the scale of the anime itself. Since on previous occasions it is understood that in the series it is more important to introduce each creature in an appropriate way. With these signs, it is possible that at last a full stop will be made to the history of Ashwhich has been quite long since the first episode premiered.

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