they give him “calladón de boca” chilaquiles and tamale cakes

they give him “calladón de boca” chilaquiles and tamale cakes

A tiktoker from Torreón has gone viral on networks by publishing a video in which he accepts that he liked the chilaquiles and tamale cakes that are sold in Mexico City, despite the prejudices that some foreigners have.

And it is that food always tends to generate debate at the national level, since inhabitants of different states defend traditional gastronomic preparations and accuse the Chilangos of making strange combinations that, at first glance, do not always look appetizing.

In this story, for example, the discussion goes beyond whether or not quesadillas have cheese and focuses on the habit of the inhabitants of the capital to make cake from almost any stew.

Chilaquiles and tamale cakes, the old reliable chilanga

Although many Mexicans are conflicted by the gastronomic combination, in Mexico City chilaquile and tamale cakes are more than popular, to the point that they have even invented a mixture of both: guajolotongos.

Felipe Pérez is originally from Torreón, Coahuila, and like many foreigners he had prejudices about the appearance and taste of typical cakes… until he moved to CDMX.

“I am from the north and when I came to live in Mexico City it seemed so strange to me that they did that. Yes, the people here make cake out of absolutely everything. If they could they would make a bolillo cake, well, the fact is that I refused to try them for a long time until I did and snout they gave me!”, he begins by saying @paippperez

The TikTok user shared his experience with these dishes and automatically generated debate among Internet users by talking about how delicious they tasted and how bad his perception was, he even urged those who are reluctant to try these cakes to do so.

“The truth is they are very good, more than I expected. If you have never tried it, give yourself the opportunity and you will stop asking Why do chilangos eat chilaquiles and tamale cake?”, he sentenced.

@paipperez My favorite is the red chilaquiles cake. #CDMX ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

The video has been seen by more than 144,000 people and has already accumulated 5,885 comments, where TikTok users point out other types of strange foods that can be found in Mexico City and discuss practicality and Chilanga originality.

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