The image was released by the Mexican boxers who revealed through social networks how the softball team disposed of them in the trash. The Mexican Federation of the discipline indicated that it will investigate what happened and warned that, if true, the members who did so could no longer play with the national team.

“If it is shown that they left competition game uniforms. The gala uniform is easy with their jacket number they will not be able to participate anymore with fmsoftbol, ​​the same is not the same to pack a pair of gloves as a helmet, bats, gloves, masks, catcher, training shoes ”, the Federation shared on social networks.

The reactions have been very critical on social networks, although they mostly condemn the decision to get rid of the Mexican uniform, since Mexican-Americans came to the Olympics because their Mexican origin allowed them to join the tricolor and not with the stars and stripes.

The players have not given their position on the matter. The team was formed after scouting by universities in the United States to put together the line-up that will represent Mexico with players of Mexican origin.