they discover what frogs eat and you will have a hard time believing it

they discover what frogs eat and you will have a hard time believing it

Frogs choose a different diet than the Mediterranean.

Minecraft has welcomed 2022 not only with a community of fans that is willing to continue investing hours in improving their worlds, but also by the updates and improvements that the title will receive this year, which is accompanied by add new animal species.

This is something that should not be too surprising, since, although it is true that pigs are well-known animals, the update received recently and that will increase in 2022 brought with it the addition of frogs, some animals that have been added in known biomes and what has caused two very disparate species coincide and interact, although not in the way one might think.

Frogs and goats come together in a weird and surprising way

It has to be said that these creatures are goats and frogs, which due to their natural habitats, do not coincide in the same area unless forced. And this is exactly what a user has done, thus revealing a dark secret of frogs, which he has shared on Reddit and that you can see below:

As you may have seen, the user JamesLovesTV has discovered that frogs are terrifying predators of goats, so that it is not only that they eat them, but that they chase them until they eat them with a single lick. You have to realize that in the video that has been shared on Reddit you can even see how a goat tries to flee from these creatures without success.

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It should be noted that, fortunately, with the rest of the species and with the players themselves, the frogs are peaceful, since, in theory, they are only programmed to attack mud and magma cubes, so it is already speculated and debated whether this supplement in your diet is a mistake or something intentional, although everything indicates that will be corrected in the future, despite the fact that many players hope that it is not due to the fun it is to see a frog devour a goat.

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