They demand to remove TikTok from the Apple and Google stores |

They demand to remove TikTok from the Apple and Google stores |

TikTok he has been a few times under suspicion of data breach, and now he is accused once again of these crimes. A member of the board of the Federal Communications Commission, Brendan Carrwrote a letter in which he asks Google Y Manzana remove the app from the stores. Well, user data could be in danger.

Here is some of what is mentioned in his letter:

TikTok collects everything from search and browsing histories to keystroke patterns and biometric identifiers, including facial prints, which researchers have said could be used in unrelated facial recognition technology, and voice prints. It collects location data, as well as draft messages and metadata, as well as collects text, images, and videos that are stored on a device’s clipboard.

TikTok is not just another video app.

That’s the sheep’s clothing.

It collects swaths of sensitive data accessed in new reports in Beijing.

I have asked @Manzana Y @Google remove TikTok from their app stores for its pattern of covert data practices.

Given this, Carr it has also given companies a time limit to carry out the purge. With the date of the next July 8, 2022.

Here your request:

If you have not removed TikTok from your app stores, please send me separate responses by July 8, 2022, explaining the basis for your company’s conclusions that surreptitious access to private and sensitive US user data by persons located in Beijing, along with an explanation of why it doesn’t violate any of its app store policies.

Until now, neither Manzana neither Google have spoken about it.

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