They defend in networks Starbucks policy of not letting in “doggies”

They defend in networks Starbucks policy of not letting in “doggies”

After accusing Starbucks of discrimination, on Twitter, users have come out in defense of the brand for its policy of not accepting “doggies.”

Today, some brands have become pet friendly, or pet-friendly, adapting their facilities or establishments so that consumers can visit them with their respective pets.

Although not all brands have done it, the trend has been gaining some popularity, because consumers themselves are the ones who ask for a little more openness and acceptance for those who cannot leave their dogs at home.

And it is that, in addition, in recent years, the tendency to be more “inclusive” has escalated so much that the subject of pets has become more relevant, hence, now, more than pets they have become “dogs” , a term that has become very popular among the new generations who, instead of wanting to have children, seem to be more satisfied with the idea of ​​taking care of their pet.

In the end, that is everyone’s decision, but there is another issue that has begun to attract attention and it is precisely that importance that has been given to pets by wanting to treat them as an ordinary person.

In some countries like Spain, for example, pets (dogs or cats) already have their own official identification. Of course, it is valid, although, for some people, it is an exaggeration, but, as we have mentioned, that is a matter of each individual.

Starbucks accused of discrimination on Twitter

Nowadays, certain rights are required for pets, among which are their access to some establishments as if they were another ordinary person, just another consumer.

In this sense, some companies tend not to accept pets accompanying their owners for various reasons and, when something like this happens, there are times when they are denounced or accused of discrimination.

Such is the case of a user who calls himself @el_mashi has accused Starbucks of discrimination due to its policy of not allowing pets or “dogs” to enter.

“@StarbucksMex says that” DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE. ” The truth is another, Starbucks does discriminate, “wrote the tweeter accompanied by an image showing some of the store’s policies.

The tweet has generated an interesting conversation in which several users are supporting the brand, claiming that there may be allergy sufferers and, for this reason, pets are not allowed access.

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In fact, through its Community Manager, the official Starbucks account responded that not all stores accept the entry of pets, since there are people who may turn out to be allergic, but that there are some who do accept the entry of pets, only it is a matter of looking for them.

The most interesting thing is, without a doubt, the response of several Internet users who have come out in defense of Starbucks and its policy of not giving access to pets or “dogs”, asking that animals be stopped “humanizing”.

To this day, Starbucks is the most popular chain of coffee shops in the world and, without a doubt, a reference for the consumer in recent years.

Since 2007, the brand has registered significant growth, more than double. In 2007, the chain had around 15,011 establishments and by 2020 it had already added 32,660 coffee shops in less than 15 years, this according to data from Statista.

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