They create the largest Xbox Series X in the world and it is fully functional

They create the largest Xbox Series X in the world and it is fully functional

Xbox series X is the new generation console from Microsoft, along with its little sister, although really powerful, the series S, both managed to make a stir among Xbox fans with their arrival, to the extent that the company showed us a huge refrigerator in homage to the most powerful console on the market, and more recently a content creator has surprised us with the largest Xbox Series X console in the world.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that console manufacturers such as Microsoft and Sony usually make revisions every three or four years after the launch of a new generation to make smaller and more efficient versions of their devices, but a well-known youtuber proposed the opposite: to create the biggest Xbox Series X|S in the world, and make it work.

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Inspired by the Xbox Series X-shaped fridge that Microsoft itself built while promoting its console, YouTuber Michael Pick, known as The Casual Engineer, set out to build an even bigger working console. A console two meters high and one meter wide, to be exact.

Certainly, you can connect this gigantic console to your TV with the usual HDMI cable and play Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5, since this huge outer shell hides a normal Xbox Series X inside. I mean, it’s an incredibly well-designed and finished wooden frame, but don’t think that it packs components ten times larger than usual inside.

With the shortage of chips and the transportation problems that the rise in fuel prices is generating, how much for this gigantic two-meter-tall Xbox Series X to be real and you could order it for a few thousand dollars. We settle for a quick solution to the problem of shortages, which already affects even Xbox controllers, even if the consoles are the size of living room furniture.

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