They create the iconic GTA HUD as a neon sign and it looks great

They create the iconic GTA HUD as a neon sign and it looks great

A fan of Gta has made a colorful neon sign inspired by the iconic HUD from the games in the series, with symbols for time of day, health and money. The HUD the neon sign was inspired by dates back to 2001’s Grand Theft Auto III, the display screen of which appeared in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. As in all games, the HUD provided easily accessible and necessary information about the character’s status. Thus, the images showed the equipped weapon, while the three lines of text on the left showed the time of day, the amount of money available and the states of health and armor.

This stayed more or less the same during GTA: Vice City and San Andreas, although Rockstar changed the formula at the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV in 2008. The studio further simplified the display screen by placing protagonist Niko Bellic’s health and armor gauges on either side of the minimap. A similar HUD design made its way to GTA V as well, as many players will recall. But although each design has its own strengths and weaknesses, there is nothing like the classic look.

The creativity of reddit user mike-n-vikes has resulted in the creation of a stunning neon sign inspired by the GTA III HUD. The image on the right shows a clenched fist, indicating that the player does not have a weapon equipped. Time of day, money, armor, and health icons make up the rest of the neon design. Mike-n-vikes told onlookers that 16:19, or 4:19, was chosen as the time because it is “almost 420”; meanwhile, he selected the money figure at random.

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It seems that in the end it has been worth so much effort. The neon sign looks absolutely amazing and boasts an impressive amount of detail, despite the overall simplicity of the classic HUD.

With the help of developer Grove Street Games, Rockstar recently revived three of its classic GTA experiences by releasing Grand Theft Auto: The Definitive Edition on consoles and PC late last year. The collection, comprised of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, hit digital stores in a disastrous state, leaving much to be desired in terms of overall build quality. Despite attempts to fix the project with post-launch patches, GTA Trilogy players continue to encounter new bugs. So we hope that the collection reaches the usual level of quality for the brand’s products.