They create a smart watch that dissolves in water in just 40 hours | Technology

They create a smart watch that dissolves in water in just 40 hours |  Technology

With this new technological advance, manufacturers could create a series of electronic devices that would facilitate their recycling simply by contact with water.

The electronic waste in the form of mobile phones, tablets, computer components or even smart watches that we do not use they are harmful to the environment and also to human health, and thinking of some kind of method so that they can be easily recycled can help us make our planet much more sustainable.

Now a group of researchers from the Tianjin University in China have created a nanocomposite of two metals for circuits able to disintegrate when immersed in water for a specified time, a way to simplify the recycling of small electronic components.

To test their progress they created a kind of functional smartwatch that was able to dissolve in just 40 hours.

But the road to that result was not easy, since in the first tests they developed a zinc-based compound that dissolved well in water but was not good enough for consumer electronics. Later they modified the zinc nanocomposites and added silver nanowires to it, which made it highly conductive.

Things did not stop there, they had to screen-print the metallic solution on pieces of polyvinyl alcohol and solidify the circuits by applying different drops of water that facilitated the chemical reactions and then evaporated.

When they have already reached the optimal result manufactured a smartwatch with multiple nanocomposite printed circuit boards inside a 3D printed polyvinyl alcohol shell.

This smartwatch is fully functional, even capable of measuring a person’s heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and step count. As we told you, it could be dissolved in water in just 40 hours.

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All that was left were the watch components like the organic light-emitting diode display and a micro controller, plus certain resistors and capacitors that had been integrated into the circuits.