They compare the versions of God of War on PS4 and PS5 with those on PC

They compare the versions of God of War on PS4 and PS5 with those on PC

God of War becomes one of the best PlayStation ports for PC.

Tomorrow, January 14, God of War finally arrives on PC, although some media have already been able to enjoy the god of war on compatible devices and talk about one of the best ports of a PlayStation game. The PC always offers a level of configuration unthinkable for a desktop console, but how does this version leave the original PS4 and above all, the one that can be played on PS5. They have also been able to verify it.

Along with the analysis of the game in its PC version, Gamespot has published in the last few hours a comparison of God of War running on PS5 with the free upgrade patch vs. the game on PC at native 4K and Ultra quality, and the truth is that there is not as much difference as one might think at first. You would have to see this comparison on a large 4K screen to appreciate the small differences that may exist between the native 4K resolution of the PC version, compared to the rescaled PS5. The truth is that at first glance they look practically the same in terms of sharpness and soft edges.

In the same way, beyond small differences in the color of one scene and another, which Gamespot points out, it may be due to the method of capturing the game, the image quality is almost identical between both versions. The biggest difference is in the shadows, as can be seen in Atreus’s first intervention. The PC version not only includes higher quality shadows, it also introduces dynamic shadows in cut-scenes, unlike the PS5 version.

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The final conclusion of this comparison is that those responsible for bringing God of War to PC have achieved a version to match that takes advantage of the peculiarities of the platform, at the same time that it continues to surprise the enormous work that Sony Santa Monica achieved with both the original PS4 version, such as with the enhanced version of God of War on PS5. We’ll see if they manage to surprise again with god of war ragnarok, the second and last installment of the Nordic saga of Kratos that will arrive this year 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

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