Forbes Mexico He recognized this Thursday night the Geniuses of Digital Transformation 2021.

Projects from the digitization of workstations in production plants to the use of artificial intelligence for process automation were awarded by Roberto Aguilar, editorial director of the magazine Forbes Mexico.

Here are the winning projects:

CIO of Kiekert de México

The project represented the digitization of workstations and processes of the workers who work in the company’s plants. Now workers can receive instructions, launch alerts, make check in and check out from a touch screen that they have on their workstations. After the pilot line, they already have more than 500 workstations with this digital system. With this, it has been possible to drastically reduce downtime in production and thereby increase efficiency and productivity.

CIO of Monex Grupo Financiero

Monex is entering a digital transformation that began this year with a horizon to 2025. During the pandemic, processes were digitized and new work schemes were generated. “We observe that the pandemic continued to offer business opportunities, but at a distance. The first thing we did was adapt a cloud managed by a third party. We switched to a predictive monitoring service. We made improvements to the network infrastructures for greater capacity. We implement automation solutions using robots and we are in the stabilization stage ”.

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CEO and founder of Medikit

This project consisted of facilitating the work of health professionals during confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic with digital tools. “At Medikit we implement an ecosystem that allows more than 200 thousand doctors to connect with 40 health applications and points of sale in Mexico and Latin America, such as pharmacies and laboratories.” We can remove the barriers in prescription and treatment. “Every time doctors are going to use digital tools to get closer to their patients.”

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Corporate Director of Information Technology Sanfer

During the pandemic, 1,200 company visitors had to visit a network of 30,000 pharmacies throughout the country to identify the supply of their products. With the risk of contagion, this work became complicated, which is why the use of artificial intelligence was used so that “the visitor can arrive, take a photo and know if there was a product or not. We could identify in a pharmacy in Chiapas or Mexicali, if there was a product, who was next to me, what prices they had. We could plan resupply in no more than two days. Today it works and it is a reality. Visitors do not spend more than two or three minutes in a pharmacy to find out what is happening ”.

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IT Corporate Director Grupo IAMSA

As in pharmacies and doctors’ offices, during the worst moment of the pandemic, bus users wanted to avoid purchasing tickets in person. For this reason, a remote purchase system was implemented through the cell phone, the internet or an application. Another innovation was the application of artificial intelligence to reduce the price of tickets according to the demand for each trip, a process that is carried out in real time. In addition, remote work strategies and mechanisms were designed for the company’s administrative staff.

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